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          • Fenghuang production base of Feymer

            Fenghuang production base of Feymer

          • Production base of Boyi

            Production base of Boyi

          • Production base of Feymer Membrane Technology

            Production base of Feymer Membrane Technology

          About us

          Jiangsu Feymer Technology Co., Ltd. bases its core business on hydrophilic functional polymers. It specializes in manufacturing and supplying functional monomers, water treatment chemicals, industrial water processing chemicals, water treatment membranes (MBR, UF, NF and RO), as well as providing membrane application technology and related operating services to water- borne industries, such as pulp & paper, water treatment, mineral processing, oil & gas exploring, textile etc. It has three production bases in Zhangjiagang and Nantong.

          Feymer is a high-tech enterprise which is committed to providing first-class hydrophilic functional polymers to water-borne industries for green development and water ecology protection. Feymer was listed on the The Science and Technology Innovation Board in 2021.


          Products and services

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          Nantong Boyi Chemical Co., Ltd.
          Suzhou Feymer Membrane Technology Co., Ltd.
          Suzhou Juwei Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
          Suzhou Jinqu Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

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